The Yellow Live Room

While planning the recording studio’s live room, we aimed for the sweet spot to keep the rate affordable and offer a professional recording environment while still having an awesome vibe. This meant designing a space that was flexible and modular. The main studio is lined with movable acoustical panels on rails that can move on the fly to tweak the sound of the room from live to dead. Simply put, drums and vocals sound great in our live room.

The Orange Piano Room

This is the piano & amp room and we also track a lot of strings here too. We have a vintage 1982 Young Chang 52″ Piano, a mint 1970s Fender Rhodes 55 and various organs and analog synths. Like the main live room, it comes complete with the movable acoustical panels on rails.

The Control Room

We took the same approach when designing the control room and selecting gear. We have a large collection of analog gear and some digital equipment. We love our large assortment of vintage and tube gear as well as the discrete and equipment with integrated circuits. There is a place for each in every record we make.

The Guitar Room & Library

It’s a guitar room. It’s a vocal booth. It’s a great place for a drum room-mic. It’s the smallest large-sounding room you’ll ever record in. The reverb is magnificant. Mobtown isn’t a mega big-box recording studio nor is it in a small cluttered basement, but we’ve got a great vibe, lots of natural light, great rooms, wonderful gear and amazing producers and engineers.

The Lounge

It comes complete with a vintage N64, Atari 2600 and all of your favorite games. There is a tube stereo with ribbon speakers and a comfy couch to check mixes. It’s also great place to get away while your singer is doing their thing. One can chill out with a book about Prince or Aretha Franklin, sip a cup of coffee (or beer) and people-watch on Charles Street.

The Green Room

This room is an additional mixing studio and rehearsal space for bands to create, write or nap.