The BSide Sessions - Mobtown Studios, Baltimore

The BSide Sessions is a new music series (under the direction of Mobtown Laboratories™) that combines our love of vinyl-era single flipsides with a desire to hear great bands premiere new material in our studio. Every band has their own story to tell. Our studio is like a second home for us and, when making a BSide, we welcome a band into our family. They spend a day shacked up with Mat and our crew and, like savvy minstrel-spelunkers, we explore the far and intimate corners of the artists, their tales and their music. What is revealed is a distinctly intimate story narrated by song and sometimes-rowdy, sometimes-weary aftershow convo. We release all this in one 10-minute video and two songs. We hope you discover a band you love, or hear some exciting new material from a band you already love.