Crisco DreamsCrisco Dreams

When I first heard from Nicky, one of the songwriters from New York’s Crisco Dreams, I was having a bourbon with Sun Club’s Shane McCord and he said with out a heartbeat, “They are great and they sound just like Creedence Clearwater Revival.” I was like, “Huh?!” How can that be.

But it wasn’t until I spent a few weeks with them last summer tracking their first full length record where it made sense. They don’t sound exactly like them on paper, but really in the deep sonics, intense songwriting and the attitude is where that came from in Shane’s head.

They are just a couple of city slickers who blend country and rock music and channel the energy of magical spirits to write songs. Certified cowboys/ramblers.

That said, this was one of the first records we printed the mixes to our Otari MTR-10 tape machine! Listen to that 15 inches per second analog goodness!

Be sure to pick up their record on bandcamp!

Produced by Nicky Meara-Bainbridge, Charlie Perry and Mat Leffler-Schulman
Engineered by Sean Mercer and Rob Liberati
Mixed by Mat Leffler-Schulman
Mastered by Dan Coutant, Sun Room Mastering

Crisco Dreams:
Charlie Perry – Vocals, guitars, washboard
Nicky Meara-Bainbridge – Vocals, guitars, piano
Miki Flores-Amper – Drums
Sam Tocci – Drums
Dean Freeman – Bass

Album art by Skylar Gibbons-Reich, Lindsey Kellogg, and Nicky M-B
Additional vocals by Hannah Holt
“Karolina” co-written by Hannah Lee Thompson

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